Live Broadcasts in Real-Time!

Virus-shocked PilotGirl has had to re-invent her freelance business by adding wireless live streaming services to her checklist of offerings. 

With her latest purchase of LiveU 200, a premiere encoder used worldwide in network broadcasts, PilotGirl can help you stream live breaking news, small concerts, medical procedures, educational programs, conferences, workshops, entertainment, sports, and more, by streaming to anyone wanting to watch your event from their home computer, tablet or smartphone.  This can be especially helpful for NGO’s and nonprofit organizations wanting to broadcast their missions from the field.  

Using the LiveU 200 bonded cellular technology, the LU200 External
4G/LTE Modem and a Cloud Service/Transmission Data Plan of 15GB/month, PilotGirl can stream HD footage to countless online platforms like Facebook Live, YouTube, Wowsa, StreamShark, Twitch, UStream and so many more.   

PilotGirl always uses high-quality video cameras for premiere viewing and professional mics for optimal sound.  Live streaming is possible from the most remote locations and even in motion.

For more information on tech services, call 518.256.0967 or email: