Live Broadcasts in Real-Time!

Virus-shocked PilotGirl has re-invented her freelance business by adding live streaming services to her checklist of offerings. 

Using the AJA U-TAP SDI capture encoder, PilotGirl can stream HD footage to countless online platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo LIVE, and many more using OBS or Wirecast software.  Prior to the event, PilotGirl can help guide you through the process of setting up your Live Page, creating graphics and lower thirds, and answer your many questions.  If within a 100-mile radius, she can do a site survey prior to the live event to determine if your venue has sufficient bandwidth.   

On the day of the event, a team of 3 (audio tech, technical director, and PilotGirl as camera op, lighting op and director of stream/script) will help manage your production, switch control room sources, and guarantee a healthy stream. Audio Tech and Technical Director services are extra costs as both are independent freelancers and not employees of PilotGirl Productions.

**Live streaming is not possible without access to a client’s high-speed internet connection with no less than 3,000 Kbps with preference to using 6,500 Kbps or higher.

For PilotGirl’s latest examples of live stream events, visit the Adirondack Experience museum auction event that helped raised over $200,000 on the client’s VIMEO channel (7/25/20) or the Pendragon auction event that helped raise over $50,000 on their YouTube channel. 


Also, with her latest purchase of the LiveU 200, a premiere encoder used worldwide in network broadcasts, PilotGirl can stream live breaking news, educational programs, conferences, workshops, entertainment, sports, and more to your LIVEU server.  Using cellular-bonded technology, this is the premiere encoder that CBS, ABC, NBC, and FOX use to go live.  And, because of PilotGirl’s 25 years of experience working in the news environment, she’s prepared and flexible to take on last-minute assignments.   

PilotGirl always uses professional hardware, software and A/V equipment.

For more information on tech services, call 518.256.0967 or email: