NEW AS OF 2020!!!

Streaming Services FLAT RATE: $2500.

Streaming services include:

  • AJA or LIVEU 200 Encoder with OBS software running on Mac Desktop Computer.
  • 2 hours of ZOOM meetings to prepare the client.
  • 5 hours of script and source preparation including custom-building graphics and lower thirds along with organizing elements like movies, photos, and NDI source streams.
  • 1 day practicing with talent prior to going “live.” 
  • 1 Sony FS7 camera on a tripod with zoom & focus control for the operator.
  • 1 Lectrosonic wireless lavalier or stick mic (if more than 1 talent is on camera at one time, I will need to hire a professional audio tech for an additional $650.).
  • 1 Light Kit (5 LED lights, C-Stands, and 1 HMI Joker).

FIELD PRODUCTION RATES are $125/hour and include *Fully Loaded Camera Package.  Given the amount of equipment I provide, the time it takes for set-up, the delivery of footage, this rate is non-negotiable.   Day rates are port-to-port.


POST PRODUCTION EDITING RATES are $100/hour and include editing with Adobe Premiere and limited graphics creation using After Effects. 

Transportation beyond 25 miles is extra and includes the standard mileage rate (currently .59/mile), tolls, bridges, and parking meters.  I do not charge a per diem.

*Fully Loaded Camera Package includes operator with:

  • 1 Sony FS7 camera with Anton Bauer batteries, ENG servo lens, and Sachtler tripod
  • 50mm lens for interviews
  • 1 DJI Phantom 4 drone
  • 1 a7sIII Sony DSLR camera with Ronin Stabilizer
  • 3 GoPro cameras with mounts and accessories
  • Variety of lights including HMI Joker, 1×1 CAME LEDs, camera light, and more.
  • 2 Sennheiser wireless lavs and/or stick microphone
  • 1 portable H6N 4-channel digital audio mixer 
  • 1 portable 4K Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q+ field monitor
  • Apple laptop for transferring footage to client-provided thumb or hard drives while on location

This fully-loaded camera package also includes hand cart, stingers, extension cables, soft spun, gels, barn doors, long and short BNC cable for monitor, unlimited supply of AA batteries for wireless, Anton Bauer camera batteries, chargers, batteries for GoPros and professional make-up for talent.


  • Need a 9-foot Dana Dolly for smooth slider action?  They are available as well. Call and let’s discuss.
  • Need an additional Sony FS7  or Sony FX9 setup?   Additional cameras with tripods are $350/day.
  • Need a teleprompter with an operator?   Roughly $250-$450/day, depending on hours.
  • Need footage shot solely with the DJI drone?   Call and let’s discuss.
  • Need a green screen with a small, medium or large frame?  Call and let’s discuss.